We provide water and wastewater treatment solutions that meet with environmental issues, at the global scale . We support local authorities in meeting their objectives of protecting water resources, preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

We are providing the latest technology ,skills know-how and solution to our client. We assist local authority whatever their size, in carrying out their responsibilities towards water management and sanitation services.


The quality of drinking water is worldwide challenge and same is treated through chemicals depends upon the quality of water.

Available reserves of natural water are ground water, standing or runningsurface water, and sea water. Choosing what water will be treated before delivery depends on the quantity of available water, its quality (taking into account the possible variations), investment costs and the cost of the procedures that must be implemented to ensure that the water will be suitable for drinking. In some regions of the world, fresh water is so scarce that treatment processes must use as little water as possible.

We design treatment systems that range from the traditional to latest technology , and offer local authorities technical solutions that meet their sanitary quality requirements, whether for a village of several hundred inhabitants or a major urban area. Making water potable typically involves several treatment stages and a variety of technologies:


The volume of wastewater continues to increase as a result of changing demographics, economic development and urban spread. Along with more stringent environmental safeguarding as a result of regulations and lifestyles, wastewater treatment is a major environmental challenge for local authorities.

Urban wastewater treatment is also a technological and economic challenge; the goal is to preserve biodiversity and protect water resources while ensuring the wellbeing of local populations.

To support local authorities with urban growth, we design treatment systems of varying complexity based on the quality of the effluent to be treated and the sensitivity of the medium